We Offer our clients services, you won’t find anywhere else in H.R.M.

Yes.. we offer our clients services unlike any other cleaning company.

During my time working with bigger companies in Halifax and Dartmouth I noticed the lack of not only proper healthy cleaning techniques, but Areas that were Not cleaned at all because They refused to even touch. I can also recall the owner of one company telling me to put scented oil on the door frames and around the toilet to make it smell clean..

I wanted to offer clients more for their money.

After working All day the last thing I would want is to come home and have too do house work that my cleaning lady won’t do ... yeah she wouldn’t be my cleaning lady for too long?

So here I am ...I’m offering my service to the people who need a real house cleaning, the people who are trying to find a little extra time for themselves and families, the older people that have limited mobility issues, or to the individual s who just plain hates cleaning.

My point is you have a Choice.

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