Graces Custom Home Cleaning in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford Nova Scotia.

This is your chance to have your house clean and organized ready for the upcoming holidays.

Whey choose Graces for your home cleaning service provider?

•Family owned & operated , we pay attention to details unlike some of the bigger residential cleaning companies, were one size fits all..

•Customized home cleaning plans

• Regular upkeep on your home to ensure a healthy, clean environment for your family and friends.

• We offer a wide range of house keeping options , unlike any other cleaning service in metro area. Example: waxing floors, dishes, laundry and many more chores that other companies do not offer.

•pet friendly cleaning service, dishes bedding and litter boxes

•No big turn over in employees .. you will get consistency with each and every visit, by the same professional cleaners. No new faces ..

so if you are looking for a Cleaning service with higher standard s and that will provide you with high quality cleaning, contact Graces Custom Home Cleaning Today! You will be happy that you did!

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