Go with your Gut! .. when hiring the right professional cleaner

The best advice I can give people if they are thinking of hiring a cleaner. is To go with the cleaning service that feels right.

it takes a tremendous amount of trust to have someone in your home , after all this is your personal space .

Ask questions....do you mind seeing different cleaners in your home? Or you want the same people?

How well do they disinfect Areas such as kitchen counters , bathrooms Remotes ,light switches?? If they tell you that’s extra money? I wouldn’t even go with them!

Some companies just spray and leave it!

When mopping your floors? How often is the water changed?? That’s another problem, one bucket of water to clean all the floors is a red flag.. how Relaxed is the cleaner when they arrive? Are they easy going ? A good cleaner is like a Good bartender. I love and Look forward to chatting with my clients.

having a good relationship is important.. Don’t pick the fake acting cleaners Who’s voice goes up a whole octane when you ask them a question! I’m not saying they have to be depressed looking either? Lol just remember!! If they can’t take a minute to get to know your family or you? and rushing? Chances are they will be checking the clock and not taking the extra time to really understand what you need .

I hope this helps someone out there 💜🙏😊

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